The latest inductee into the BIG DUMMY FILES is Glenn E. Morgan, Jr. The 41-year-old Detroit man was sentenced to three months in prison for mailing Carl and Susan Smith, an interracial couple he's never met, photographs of black men being lynched and a photograph of the murdered body of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The envelope also contained threatening written messages indicating that black men who marry white women should be lynched and that white women who marry black men will share Nicole Brown Simpson's fate. Glenn who's black and describes himself on his Twitter profile (which is now defunct) as an activist, educator, entrepreneur, journalist, writer and founder of the National Black Men's Education Association (NBMEA). There is something obviously wrong with Glen. Blacks have been the victims of many years of hate crimes but what is the point of hating someone of your own race ? This guy spent time and money on making nooses and harassing people who were minding their own business. Welcome Glen to the BIG DUMMY FILES

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