Some schools choose to celebrate Black History Month by showing kids what it must have been like being a Slave...the problem is that many parents are upset that their kids are participating in Field Trips that have kids literally picking cotton, singing Slave songs, and being called the N-Word.

Here's what the kids had to do:

According to, a School Spokesperson form Rock Hill School said this to ABC News:

A representative from the Rock Hill School District told ABC News the field trip was a "unique learning opportunity"

"As part of the fifth-grade curriculum, students study the Great Depression time period, and this field trip helps students make real-life connections to this era in American history," Mychal Frost, director of marketing and communications for the Rock Hill Schools said in a statement obtained by the outlet.

Former Students explain their experiences at The Carroll School:

According to, State Rep. John King, D-Rock Hill, said the field trip was "insensitive and inaccurate."


"Something has gone terribly wrong when slavery is treated as a ‘game,’ when children leave a field trip with the impression that a mockery can be made of their ancestors’ oppression," King said. "When we portray a sugar-coated version of history, one of happily picking cotton and singing songs, then we miss an opportunity to teach the truth.”

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