Beanie Sigel seems to be plotting an all-out attack against Meek Mill, and he let everyone know about it in his song "I'm Coming."

In the newly released cut, Beans doesn't waste a single bar and strings together one impressive line after another. Plus, he does it in a calm, quiet whisper, which makes his threats seem that much more menacing.

"Teterboro with the barrel, exercise the plan / Understand you ain't never too fly to land / How you gon' do it? You're face or you're feet / Hog-tied, broom in your a--, you ain't too deep," rhymes the State Property leader.

Then he decides to throw Nicki Minaj into the mix, which seems to be a common tactic for Meek's enemies whenever they're trying to diss him.

"You f----- with the Crip keeper, the Grim Reaper, you just a tweeter / I'm the knock in a double speaker / Stop, it's bigger than Onika," spits Beans, using Queen Barbz's real name.

On top of that, he uses an incredible Rakim metaphor to threaten Mr. Mill.

"I pluck you, then Rak-him, I ain't no joke / Check out my felonies, check, check out my felonies / Sell your soul, sell your a-- is what you're telling me," Sigel rhymes.

If you've been following, then you know the Broad Street Bully's diss track stems from Mill's beef with The Game, which started last month.

At one point, Beanie said he helped Meek write some of his rhymes. Then he blasted the MMG member in an interview on Tax Season, and that interview went viral.

Of course, "I'm Coming" drops just days after Beans and his State Prop crew appeared in one of the cyphers at the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards, which Meek said he helped with.

"I'm the one who pitched a Philly cypher and getting Philly more involved with @BET," wrote the DreamChaser. "Alley ooping a n---- that's throwing shade but still catching blessings."

You can check out that post here and Sigel's new diss track below.

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