Here's one for the win! Attend a free virtual financial workshop and enjoy free lunch from Manna.

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The workshop, sponsored by Pathstones, is free-to-attend, according to a press release emailed to me. It will be virtual workshop to help you manage your personal finances, credit, financial independence, and become your own boss. It's actually a four-part workshop, with the first taking place on Wednesday, July 8 at 12 pm. For each workshop you complete, you'll receive a free $15 voucher for a meal at Manna’s restaurant inside the Northland Workforce Training Center.  You can register here.

"This 4-part online workshop series will change the way you look at finance and get you on track to financial independence. We will cover personal finance and credit, financial organization and routines to keep good records. At the end of the series, you will have clarity on what it takes to achieve the satisfaction of financial independence, to become your own boss, and build personal and community wealth." ~ Pathstones via EventBrite

Each of the workshops will cover the following:

Workshop 1: Personal finance vs. Business finance - - July 8, 2020 at noon

Workshop 2: Personal credit vs. Business credit - - July 15, 2020 at noon

Workshop 3: Financial organization and behaviors - - July 22, 2020 at noon

Workshop 4: Building your business - - July 29, 2020 at noon

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