Winter is coming, It will be here before you know it. Forecasters say it will come early and stay late.  It is going to be snowy and colder.  If you live in Western New York you know anything can happen.

I was at one of the home improvement stores the other day.  I happened to pass by the snow blower section. I couldn’t help but hear the store associate tell a customer that snow blowers were flying out the of store.  He said they sold over one hundred of them over the past week. I think a lot of people were reacting to the October Surprise that had just hit the northeast. My first reaction was Oh No.  It brought thoughts of getting up early, cleaning off the car and grabbing a shovel for snow removal. Here we go again lol. Driving to work is another story. 

We really don’t know what to expect this winter.  Weather is so unpredictable in our area.  We could have rain one minute and sunshine the next, We do know that winter is coming.  Are you ready for it?

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