Nothing should come between a woman and her McRib.

Just ask Carla. Carla here is upset -- VERY upset -- because she was "disrespected" while trying to get her hands on a McRib sandwich.

She was none too pleased that the line for the drive-thru was so long she actually had to go inside. That's where things really spiraled out of control. The employee failed to offer her a second McRib for a dollar, as part of a promotion for ordering a McRib meal.

Carla (note her NSFW language -- she sounds like she probably didn't make it all the way through finishing school) then accused the employee of having the audacity of telling her she "don't look like you need the extra McRib." Carla, who clearly seems like an honorable type, then said, "McScuse me, bitch? I throat punched that bitch."

Carla feels strongly that her civil rights were violated and, really, can you blame her?

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