Anger and a public forums have never been a good combination. Meet tonight's Big Dummy an angry man named James Emmerman from Seattle, WA who is so angry about being arrested for cursing in public. He found a interesting way to go in on all kinds of public figures including the man who he blames for having him arrested city attorney Mark Sidran. I'm still not sure what the city attorney has to do with this ? While this is funny this man obviously has to much time on his hands to come up with a whole speech insulting people with out using curse words.

My favorite part of the speech is this Forget you, you motherfogether ! I'm sure Mark Sidran who his anger is focused on probably laughed at this and went on about living his daily life. All the while this man is probably still angry somewhere making up another speech. Wasting time being angry at people who could care less about you definitely gets you a place in THE BIG DUMMY FILES, welcome my friend.

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