After reading through some of the poems/raps I found in a old poetry book of mine the other day I came across another Poem that kind of stuck out called "911" about the war and everything at the time pertaining to the 911 attacks. keep in mind I wrote this during that time and I was pretty young.


Imagine you at work all calm in one room

Everything is cool, next minute you hear a boom

Then a plane comes crashing

Windows start smashing

You think to ya self, how long will I last in?


You look out the window, just to see another building with a plane coming crashing in


Terrorist attack?

Or people fighting back?, What’s been happening to them for so long

We kill they kill we both wrong

Now imagine you in Iraq in all directions you got to watch ya back

Red, white & blue flags posted on jets ready to attack

Bombs over Bagdad, innocent women and children

And we not terrorist? But look who we killing

In God we trust, is what it says on my money

But isn’t it funny

Because if we following God aren’t we suppose to turn the other cheek?

But instead we Bomb repeatedly for 6 weeks