Answer me this.... What does it say about today's day and age that  #Free(InsertRapper'sNameHere) is a regular trending topic on twitter?

It seems we've lost sight of what the word "crime" entails.

The last I checked, it signified an act of wrong-doing. I can understand if the person who's locked up is innocent, but the men the public want to be freed were caught red-handed and should have to do the time (not just pay the price).

Now, don't get me wrong. I love rap just as much as my listeners but it doesn't sit well with me knowing the majority are so worried about Lil Wayne, T.I. and Wiz Khalifa being freed when so many icons of history never even deserved to be hassled.

Lil Wayne was recently released from Rikers after serving time for illegal gun possession. T.I. was released earlier this year on the same charge and got arrested AGAIN not too long ago. This time, with his wifey (Tiny) for illegal substances. Before T.I.'s first jail term in the public eye, he was involved in a remarkable MTV documentary series with efforts to reach out to the younger crowd. Tobetter them and encourage them to refrain from making his same mistakes. Looks like "T.I.'s Road to Redemption" has added a new fork in the road. Wiz Khalifa is the newest addition to the ever-growing list for illegal drug possession.

Just take a moment to remember Nelson Mandela. "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." The man who said that spent 27 years in jail because he was trying to fight for his rights and the rights of his people. Revisit the above-mentioned entertainers and now tell me you agree we should be using the concept of freedom lightly. #FreeYourMind