I know the title says what we only say in Buffalo, but I am starting with what we do not say (or should not say in this case).

We don’t say Buffalo Wings or even Wings. True Buffalonians now just give a number, a flavor, and a condition.

IE: Twenty, hot, extra crispy.

And NEVER “With RANCH dressing” unless it is for your salad.

THE. We put the in front of almost everything. THE 33. THE 190. THE Scajaquada. THE Dean of Rock? (Cheap plug).

POP. It is always Pop never soda. We all grew up drinking Visniak POP… not Visniak soda unless an uncle was drinking it with whiskey. 

BLUE. If you order a beer, it is just a Blue no need to prolong the process to quench your thirst by adding Labatt in front of it.

CHEEKTAVEGAS. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but if you live in Cheek-Ta-Vegas and something happens… chances are everyone knows about it. 

POLISH PATIO. Speaking of Cheektowaga, anyone who converts their garage into another room to enjoy the warm weather months has created the Polish Patio. And although Cheektowaga gets the credit for it, renovated rooms are in almost every neighborhood.

LAKE EFFECT SNOW. The phrase alone, lake effect snow can put fear in the most hardened Western New Yorkers. Anxious and foreboding, but now that most people work from home. Should it now mean just another day with snow?

WECK. Being from Buffalo, how many times have you been asked: 

What the HECK is WECK? My answer is always until you taste it, you will never experience the true delight that is bread covered with coarse salt and caraway seeds.

 What are some words you say or hear that are unique to the area?


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