This is going to be the talk of the water cooler, San Francisco 49ers' QB, Colin Kaepernick, has been fined $11,000 for using 'n***a' on the field during last Sunday's battle with the Chicago Bears. Referees say that Kaepernick used the term during a small debacle with Bear's Lamar Houston.

Last week, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined more than $11,000 and penalized for apparently using inappropriate language on the field. On Sunday, FoxSports offered new details on the incident.

Referees told Fox’s Jay Glazer that Kaepernick said the n-word during a skirmish with the Chicago Bears’ LaMarr Houston. Kaepernick denied any wrongdoing.

“It will be appealed,” he said, per the Associated Press. “I didn’t say anything.”

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said that he had no reason to believe Kaepernick was lying.

The NFL did not respond to a request for comment.

The use of slurs in football has been in the spotlight this year. As the New York Times reports, the NFL had reportedly been considering a new policy to penalize the n-word. Under the proposed rule, which Sports Illustrated said was not formally adopted, players would receive a 15-yard penalty for using the-word on the field.

Now where the debate comes in is as to whether or not the NFL (Operated mostly by Caucasians) should be allowed to regulate the use of the 'N-Word'?


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