You don't expect to find 14-foot long pythons roaming the lawns of businesses in nearby Ontario but that's exactly what was crawling along a lawn in Thorold, Ontario.

The Lincoln County Humane Society says it's a 14-foot reticulated python. They do not know who the owner is and since it wasn't registered with the municipality, it is prohibited.

The Human Society will look after the python until they can find a new home for the snake.

“We are glad that this snake was quickly caught without incident,” said Kevin Strooband, executive director of the Lincoln County Humane Society. “This particular snake is capable of harming someone with its bite, if it were cornered.”

Let's see, cobras of all things was found in Kenmore and required police presence in July. Now, a 14-foot python in Ontario. I'm afraid to ask what could possibly be next...

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