Christian Ward, aka Chicago born rapper Yung Berg, recently sat down to talk about taking an initiative to tone down how eye-catching his jewelry is and why flashy chains are no longer on his radar.

In the interview, Yung Berg is quoted as saying:

"On some real sh*t back in the day when I was buying those big a** chains and sh*t, I felt like that was a part of me being Yung Berg. But me growing up and being Christian, being Mr. Ward, and who I really I am, I toned down. I'm not going to be with the big gaudy chains because people would look and they would say 'Well, this n*gga still ain't learn his lesson.' I learned my lesson. I'm going to have jewelry but it's going to be more upscale and common..." (VIBE)

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Check out the music video for Yung Berg's new single "So Amazing" below: