According to reports, executive Kernell Reynolds just teamed with Lil' Chuckee, from Cash Money Records, and Shadow Play Entertainment's "Hip-Hop and Books" literacy campaign to promote the importance of reading in public school and college students in Mississippi. Beginning February 23rd-25th, Chuckee will visit Mississippi with Reynolds as part of the Hip Hop and Books tour and speak to students about the challenges of the music business and the importance of getting a good education. Kernell Renolds commented by saying "It's a known fact that young people look up to those in the entertainment community, especially those in music, Lil' Chuckee and I realize the influence we have, and we want to make sure we are using our celebrity for good." The Hip Hop and Books Coalitions’ founder Cyrus Webb, has hosted several other literacy campaigns with Corey “C-Murder” Miller stated "It's great to have public figures like these two sharing the importance of reading, I think Kernell and Lil' Chuckee's willingness to come to our state and show that it is cool to read no matter what profession you choose is important."

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