This can't be real life. Police in Atlanta are seeking the public's help in capturing a group of people who were caught on camera snatching Michael Kors purses from Dillard's department store. The latest incident happened last week. Five young men ? entered the store around 8pm, made a beeline to handbag section. Each of them grabbed about 10 Michael Kors purses (valued at $3,000) and ran out the door.

The first incident happened on Sept. 25. A man walked into the store, grabbed seven Michael Kors purses and ran out the door. Several other accomplices were also caught on tape. If you recognize these thieves, call the Atlanta Police Department.

Are Michael Kors purses the new status symbol in the hood ? This just seems like a raggedy hustle. Do you really want end up in prison for stealing and selling purses in the streets ? If your going to do something illegal at least let it improve on your street credibility. No one in prison or society respects a purse thief. These young men need to find a job.