Last year an unknown artist named Cash Out bust onto the scene from the ATL with his hit "Cashin Out". But the hip-hop group with the same name from my hometown of Detroit was still waiting for their time in the sun, while keeping 2 Chainz from being robbed.

That day has come, as Young Jeezy signs Doughboyz Ca$hout -- and he even jumps on their first single!


Young Jeezy has made himself at home in the D. When I lived there, we'd see him hanging out on the block and in the strip clubs all the time. His close ties with the city can be heard in his frequent use of the phrase "What Up Doe?" which is how everyone in the city greets each other!

The Snowman took the time to listen to local rappers' mixtapes and offer guidance. But this time, he's offering record deals!

Young Jeezy called up my friend Big Dawg Blast at WJLB to announce that he signed Doughboyz Ca$hout to his Atlantic-distributed CTE record label!

"Detroit bred some great hustlers, some great talent from Eminem to Big Sean, but now it's time for the ghetto superstars. The world gotta see this."

Young Jeezy told DJ Blast:

"I want to congratulate them and welcome them to the CTE family. We about to take this over, we're about to run the summer," he said in the interview. "They got a real major record label, a record deal. You gotta commend them for that."

Doughboyz Ca$hout is made up of members HBK, Payroll, Doughboy Quis and Doughboy Dre. To mark the signing, Jeezy jumped on a remix to Doughboyz' 2012 street track "Mob Life."

Just this morning, I was thinking about other Detroit artists that I feel should be signed to a deal like this. Check out a few of my hometown classics!

Rock Bottom -- "No"

Blade Icewood -- "Get This Money"

Tone Tone -- "I'm On 10"

GB Cortez -- "I'm On Go"