Young Dolph dropped his debut album King of Memphis last month, so the southern rhymer is understandably putting a strong push behind it to make sure listeners don't forget about it in a crowded market. Young Dolph has released not one, but two new music videos for tracks off his first LP.

The first track to get the visual treatment is "Let Me See It." As one might imagine with such a straightforward hook, this video is right at home in a strip club. Predictably, there's lots of gratuitous shots here that are sure to invigorate the viewer. Outside of the scantily-clad ladies doing their thing, Young Dolph is seen stunting in the club with his crew.

The second visual, "It's Going Down," captures a much different vibe. This video is shot entirely in black and white while Young Dolph is seen in various locations throughout New York City. Dolph's takeover is definitely upon us. As the Memphis rapper told XXL when describing his album's title, he is the new king.

"I’m the newest shit, the poppin’ shit," Dolph said. "The new wave out of Memphis. The CD ain’t called The King of Memphis. It’s called King of Memphis. So my whole thing is, my last CD was called Shittin’ on the Industry. This one called King of Memphis. So I’m just letting everybody know I do what I wanna do with this shit. And on top of that, all my partners kings. Everybody you see around me, they’re kings. Every last one of them. I ain’t the only one that got paper. None of that. I’m the boss."

Young Dolph's King of Memphis is available now on iTunes.

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