Years of tension have been brewing between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti, two MCs in Memphis who've found themselves competing for the crown of the city. Now, almost a month after his King of Memphis album came out, Dolph has posted a series of videos on Instagram calling out Yo Gotti, or "Ho Gotti," for trying to get charges pressed against him.

"Ho Gotti, you's a bitch ass nigga," said Dolph in the first video. "I just got back to the city, they say you're tryin' to put charges on me, put the police on me. You sent your lil' nigga to do all your talkin'. Talk for yourself, bitch ass..."

In a second video (below) he says, "That been had down syndrome looking motherfucker hate on everybody from the city that gets some real money. You started off hatin' on Three Six and they was havin' Oscars and shit. You had to hate 'cause you a broke nigga, that's the only way you can get attention boy."

Yo Gotti has yet to respond.

In a recent interview with DolphXXL asked him about his issue with Gotti. Dolph didn't seem to have one. "No, I ain’t got no problems with Gotti. I ain’t got no problems with no rapper. Nobody, period," he said. "I’m just turning this shit around. I’m just making this shit different. Think about how many rappers done got hot and blew up and became millionaires out of Memphis in the last 10 years. Think about that shit. In the last 10 years, what rappers done came out and blew up and became a millionaire? Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. Triple 6, 8ball and MJG, that was their time. And even in their time, who all was it — nobody but Three Six and 8ball and MJG."

We'll update you as this story develops, but one thing is certain - we pray this doesn't turn into foolish violence. Read the rest of Dolph's Instagram posts below.

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