This is a particularly disturbing story because of the lack of my opinion.

Please watch the video below and comment about this VIRAL VIDEO that shows a Rochester police officer supporting the decision of a Rochester bus driver to put a woman and her two children off of the the rain...based on the driver stating the woman NEVER PAID HER FARE.

The twist in this story comes when you can hear passengers on the bus stating that the woman DID PAY HER FARE...but that seems to be irrelevant to the police officer and the driver.

Here's my view regarding this incident and many others that probably take place DAILY in cities across the country regarding PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION....My opinion is that many drivers have NO COMPASSION WHATSOEVER.

In this particular case, let's give the driver the benefit of the doubt, and let's say the woman DID NOT PAY. Does the fact that it's raining cats and dogs and the fact that the woman has two children with her even matter???? Seemingly not!!! But...HOW does a human being...who has ALL AUTHORITY TO ALLOW THE WOMAN TO RIDE...have the heart to put the woman off of the bus in the rain with her two children???? I don't get it!!!!

...and what's up with the police officer? Aren't the police in place to ASSIST and HELP the PUBLIC? Couldn't the officer have appealed to the driver to allow the woman to ride...ESPECIALLY since EVERYONE ON THE BUS IS SAYING HER FARE WAS PAID!!!????

I'm done...just amazing!!!!!