Every Wednesday Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover and The People's Station will select WNY's Hardest Working Woman to feature here on WBLK.com and receive a prize from Fracassi Lashes in the Walden Galleria Mall! Meet today's winner Charlette Little and submit yourself for next week!

Charlette says, "I am WNY's Hard Working Woman because single-handedly, I've raised 3 young Black men and have not lost one of them to the streets. I've been on my own since 14, graduated high school with an infant son & went on to birth 3 more boys. One died at the age of 7 days & another was born developmentally disabled. I've survived domestic abuse, divorce, being homeless and not once have I skipped a beat taking care of my children. I have drove school bus for 20 years just so that I would have the flexibility to be there for my kids. I often had to take them on the bus with me because I didn't have a sitter. Through all the tears and struggles, I wouldn't change a day because it's made me an incredible woman and I have raised 3 men that are educated, strong, honest, active members of society."

Congratulations Charlette! We salute you for raising three great men while working your butt off to do it! Enjoy your Million Dollar Lashes and brow tint courtesy of Fracassi Lashes in the Walden Galleria Mall! Try to make some time to show them off somewhere nice!

Click the pic below to submit yourself!!

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