Now it looks like we have a young boy who got in to a domestic altercation with his girlfriend and shot her to death last night around 8:30 over on Virginia near Trenton. Another senseless killing in our community and there seems to be no end in sight. But what amazes me the most is that the community is not united in a way to come together and demand an end to the genocide of its own people; which makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, our community is suffering from a psychological condition that is affecting those that live in this awful environment.

How can we as a society (community) continue to function in this reckless and sick manner and no one from community activist, politicians, parents, etc., are sounding the alarm and demanding an end to this foolishness!

Why is the community not coming together to devise a plan of action to combat this very serious problem?

I am tired of reading, seeing, and witnessing these knucklehead cowards behaving in this animalistic way! I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! What do you say?

Hotep, family.