Esperanza Spalding is kicking off her WORLD TOUR right here in Buffalo, NY on Wednesday, April 18 @ 7PM @ The Center For The Arts @ University Of Buffalo.  But what's the Big Deal?  Esperanza Spalding isn't singing about "Mr. Wrong", "Love On Top", "Beez In The Trap" or any of the more popular song topics that have catapulted the likes of Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, or Nicki Minaj to "Bling Bling Fame"...and although she's African American, if you ask most Black people who she is, there is normally a puzzled look.

So WHO IS ESPERANZA...why is it that her opening WORLD TOUR date (scheduled in Buffalo) such an Honor...and why should YOU be knocking down doors to see her?  In my opinion, if you could take the musical talents of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, Q-Tip, Kanye West, Ella Fitzgerald, Beethoven, and Paul McCartney and bottle it... you would come up with Half A Bottle Of Esperanza.  At a mere 27 years of age, here are a list of Esperanza Spalding's accomplishments (followed by videos) which will give you just a clue as to WHO SHE IS ( still won't have a complete understanding unless you're in the audience on April 18).

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  • In 2011 (at age 27) she won the Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" at the 53rd Grammy Awards... making her the first Jazz Artist to EVER win the award
  • At the AGE OF FIVE she taught herself how to play violin after seeing Yo- Yo Ma perform on a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood program
  • Also at the AGE OF FIVE she started playing with The Chamber Music Society Of Oregon until she was 15 and left as Concertmaster
  • In 2005 she received the Boston Jazz Society's scholarship for Outstanding Musicianship
  • Upon graduating from the Berklee College Of Music in 2005, she was immediately hired by Berklee College Of Music as one of the youngest instructors the age of 20!
  • ..and with respect to this Blog she's done so much that I don't have time to continue... click here to see more:

Here are some visual and audible reasons for you to check out Esperanza Spalding (already a Musical Legend) at this Historical Event on Wednesday, April 18 at The Center for The Arts: