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Hey whats up DJ Supreme, I am writing to you about a situation that is going on with me. I am a 25 year old mother of 3. My oldest daughter has a different father than my youngest two but I take care of my 3 kids on my own. The oldest child's father is incarcerated but the father of my youngest two has always been around for the oldest and accepts ALL the kids as his own.

Two years ago me and him broke up but he still spends time with the kids, he isn't really around for them financially like he should be only when he feels like it. IE school clothes shoes etc every once in a while but definitely not on a consistent basis. He does little or nothing to help me with the more important things like food shelter transportation etc. Anyways I recently started a new relationship with a wonderful man who accepts my children and helps out when I need him to. Income tax time is coming around and I suggested that he claims my oldest daughter, because he has provided for me and my children in times when I really needed help.

My youngest children's grand mom got wind of this and went back and told their father. He in return is VERY ANGRY and threatening me and my current boyfriend. His claim is that my oldest is not my new boyfriend's kid and he has always accepted my oldest as his own why should my new boyfriend get to claim her ? While that is true, he doesn't work and is the streets. He barely provides anything for his own kids. Why should he get to claim anyone on his income tax ? I'm trying to avoid all drama but he seems to feel like he is entitled to file a tax return with one of my kids on it what should I do ?