With the recent passing of Whitney Houston there have been and will be a number of people asking the question of how could someone allow themself to get to such an extreme point of addiction and totally flip ones career upside down?

When you look at what happen to Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston, I think that the first thing that each of us should think about is that they were human beings first, just like we are that were highly gifted and talented individuals that have weaknesses as do all human beings. There are so many pressures that come with super stardom and some of those people that are blessed into that arena may not have the same “will power” as others in the same arena. Remember the percentages of entertainers that turn out this way compared to those that do not are very low.

Whitney (and Michael) as with all of us are “crystalized spirits” (if you are uncomfortable with the word “spirit” you can use energy) having a human experience in this school we call Earth. We must go beyond the physical and realize who they/we are internally; because in the end that is all that matters!

Always keep in mind that it is a scientific fact that energy (spirit) cannot be destroyed, it just transfers and manifests from one source to another!

We must learn from the path that Whitney walked and understand that she gave and left us with a spirit that lives forever eternally in each and every one of us—we are reminded of it every time we hear one of her songs!

Rest in Peace Whitney

Hotep Family