'Saturday Night Live' is finally getting serious about adding more color to their cast. Some seriously talented black female comediennes are up for auditions next week. Check out who is being considered for a role and vote for your favorite!


In the 38 years 'SNL' has been on the air, the series has only had four black female castmembers: Yvonne Hudson (1980-81), Danitra Vance (1985-86), Ellen Cleghorne (1991-95) and Maya Rudolph (2000-2007).

In a world where we have a black First Lady and pop culture is defined by Scandal, Rihanna, Oprah, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, 'SNL' NEEDS a black female comedienne on the show. Back in October, they said the reason there aren't any black girls on the show is because they aren't any ready for a leading role!


That theory was proved wrong last week when plenty of capable black female comediennes were showcased in a pre-audition. And on Monday, about 10 women will audition in the NYC studio! The network says they WILL add one of these ladies to the cast in 2014.

Who would YOU like to see as a lead cast member of 'Saturday Night Live'?

Bresha Webb -- Love That Girl

Tanisha Long

Gabrielle Dennis -- BET's The Game

Amber Ruffin

Leslie Jones a.k.a. Big Les