Life is full of challenges and sometimes in life we are constantly bombarded with influences of every kind whether it’s peer pressure, the media or simply ourselves. I remember as a child growing up we did not have the luxuries that most young men and women have today. We can all agree I think, that we currently live in a much sped up society and the use of technology and gadgets are at an all-time high!  

But I am beginning to wonder (for some not all) if these technological advancements are taking over the minds and intestinal fortitude of our young men and women, making them lazy and useless at the same time! Yes, a lot of it has to do with our (your) upbringing but it just seems that some of the individuals in today’s generation just do not want to do better than how they are doing—even when they are given opportunities to step up and do better for themselves.

Sometimes life is not fair and you can’t always expect handouts as if you’re entitled to something!

You have to make it happen for yourself because no one owes you anything in this world!

Hotep Family,