The feature story this morning in The Buffalo News is about the little known "Missing Child" case of now 7 year old Tageana Griffith from Niagara Falls.  Tageana is Officially listed as "Missing" although her mother (Tricia Griffith) , who sits in jail, had admitted to taking her daughter from Tageana's Father (Tigen Griffith) and placing her in the custody of her mother (Tageana's Grandmother) in Jamaica.

The national Center for Missing and Exploited Children has listed this as an International Parental Kidnapping case, however the Judge governing this case did not demand that the mother return Tageana to her father.

This is a very complicated issue with the little girl in the middle and her whereabouts uncertain, and seemingly not being investigated.  Please read more about this case by clicking the link and tell us what you think:

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