Tomorrow (November 6) is Election Day 2012! Millions of registered voters are excited to cast our vote for the next President of the United States. But what about all those other boxes on the ballot? Don't get caught by surprise when you are asked to elect a bunch of other people who you've never heard of, or don't know much about. Find out what's on your district ballot inside.

As a first time New York voter, I have to do extra research to find out about the candidates and current state representatives before I select them on my ballot. Every district in New York will have a different set of options to vote on.

This is a sample ballot for a voter living downtown Buffalo.


To see the ballot for YOUR specific address, click here and enter in you address.

Remember, you MAY be asked to show ID at the voting place so bring yours with you, just in case! IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PHOTO ID, BRING A PAYSTUB, ELECTRIC BILL OR BANK STATEMENT.
Also if you plan on entering a straight democratic or republican ticket, DO NOT select that "Straight Party" option. Vote for each candidate! Otherwise, your Presidential vote will not count!

This is such a close race, the other side will do anything to sway your vote their way, or eliminate it all together. Don't forget, you can also write in a Presidential Candidate, if your guy isn't listed on the ballot. (For Ex. Ron Paul)

Right knowledge correct wrong voting behavior! Know Thy Ballot :)