Take a look at the Rap Billboard Charts and you'll find hit records talking about money, cars, clothes and women. But with election season in full swing, wars in the middle east and crime in our own backyard, why aren't rappers tackling these issues?

Well, the truth is "Ignorance is Bliss" and being conscious just ain't no fun. See if you agree in the taste test inside. 

This first song "Welcome to America" is a #KnowThySelf rap awakening us to the corruption that affects the 99% in this country. The artist MicP is unknown, his delivery is average, but the message is awesome! This video has 158 views.

"Pop That" French Montana f/ lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross has over 15 million views. Of course the song talks about twerkin, sex and other mindless activities.

Keep in mind that artists make the music the people want! Remember on the American Gangsta lp?

"This is that ignorant shh you want". Or in "Moment of Clarity" Jay Z admits:

I dumb down for my audience and double my dollars
They criticize me for it yet they all yell, "Holla"
If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli
Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
But I did five mil, I ain't been rhymin' like common since