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As 17 year old Trayvon Martin is heard on recently released 911 tapes pleaded for help, his life was senselessly snuffed away by a pursuant suspected Racist. Trayvon Martin's last experience on this earth was one in which he was confronted with confusion, questions, and distress...wondering WHY?  Why is this happening...what's going on...why is this man following me...why does he have a gun in his hand...what have I done to deserve this...all I've done is go to the store to get my little brother some Skittles, get some Ice Tea for myself, get some fresh air, and go back to my Dad's to spend some time with him.


If you could; what would you say to Trayvon, if you could talk to him right now, concerning his opinion of life on this earth in the short 17 years he was here?  Leave your comments below.