So for the last few weeks on my show #TheBlackOut With @DJBandanaBlack on Saturday nights I tested out a new segment called #WWBD? (What Would Bandana Do?) Where people can call in and get my advice on any topic they may have going on. So far the response has been pretty good with listeners calling in about how funny or wild the calls are, lol. So what I decided to do is open it to more people by taking questions throughout the week.

Is your spouse making you mad about something? Boss at your job always nagging? Disagreements with a friend?

Well here is your chance to find out What Would Bandana Do in your situation. Send questions via email to and make sure you put "#WWBD" in the subject line.

Please also include your phone number or other contact info in case your question is chosen to be On-air during my show.


(Side Note: Please only send things that you wouldnt mind being talked about on the radio , all advise given is totally not professional but more so for laughs ..)