Relationships nowadays are under a lot of stress. That is partly due to miscommunication. Women have an idea of what men need and Men have an idea of what women need, but is it really what each person wants?

Seeing as I am of the female I can only speak for us. Even so I can only speak for myself, but for those men out there who need a little guidance or just want a better understanding of what a women wants from a man, I am here to offer my two cents.

What Men Think

Most men think a woman wants a sensitive man, who will bring her flowers every day, shower her with gifts and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. They think a woman wants a man who is rich and flies around on magic carpets like Disney’s Aladdin. They think women want a prince or a knight in shining armor to rescue them from a some evil witch in the land. Wrong.

Women Want A Partner

Let’s be real, it’s 2011 and the only evil thing in the land is the constant pile of bills we have to pay every month. Most women want a partner. Someone who they can face the world and all its coldness with.

Be Attentive

A woman wants a man who is attentive. He notices when she changes things in her appearance. He cares about how her day went or if she is feeling down or upset. He also is appreciative of the little things she does, though they may go unnoticed sometimes. This includes random acts of kindness such as giving a heartfelt card or engaging in one of his woman’s favorite activities.

Be Smart Man

A woman wants a man who is smart. Smart meaning intelligent yet possesses common sense. He has an idea how to handle money. Good at critical thinking and assessing risks for him and the family he cares and provides for.


A woman wants a man who is honest. This is self-explanatory, no one likes liars.
Most of all a woman wants a Man. A man will take his rightful place as the head, but he will not make his woman feel inferior or that she does not have a voice. He will get dirty if need be and he will protect what is his.

Every woman is different; these traits may not be on their list of wants. Yet, I think it’s safe to say these characteristics are universal and would not be negative to have. What are your thoughts?