Often times I notice that the city of Buffalo gets a bad rap for being a horrible city, especially by professional athletes that just happen to be in town to play their professional team sport.

From what I have been told Buffalo at one time was a shining light of hope and promise that lit the way for tourist traveling to the area for a breathtaking experience of Niagara Falls. At one time from what I understand the north campus of the University of Buffalo was to be built downtown, but do to political minutia that never happened when a Rockefeller got his way and sold the land to Amherst. Even the stadium where the Buffalo Bills play was supposed to have been built in downtown Buffalo.

So just think of what it may have been like if there was a stadium on the waterfront? What about a UB campus smack down In the middle of downtown?

As I travel in and around and through the city of Buffalo there is a ton of dilapidated buildings and structures that need to be demolished with new buildings, housing and structures built in their place.

Hopefully all of the negative vibes that are attached to our wonderful city will change and we will see a bright and shining future once again for the "Nickel City"!