Get Motivated Monday!

I love reading and since I am finally done with my Masters I have challenged myself to read a book a month. The book that I chose to read this month is The Alchemist by Paulo Coeljo.  During my read, the question of finding your Personal Legend appeared.

Have you ever thought of what your Personal Legend is? If you don’t know what it is, a personal legend, as it's referred to in The Alchemist, is one's destiny in life. It's identifying our purpose in life and pursuing it.

This passage in the book really stood out to me “One’s Personal Legend is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is. “At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend….whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth” The Alchemist

So on this Get Motivated Monday I challenge you before 2013 to find your Personal Legend and in 2013 work had at achieving it!

Remember nothing in life is just given to you, you have to go get it! ASK SEEK KNOCK you got to be a Go Getta!


ADRI.V The Go Getta