Get Motivated Monday!

According to  every year 40% to 45% of Americans will make New Year's resolutions and but more than half will not succeed. Psychologist state that  creating a resolution is a form of "cultural procrastination" because people fail to set realistic goals and aren't ready to change their habits. It is also said that although resolution are made detailed solutions are not created to achieve the resolutions.

This is something that can be seen each year because most common resolutions such as reduce debt, lose weight, stop smoking can be considered way to broad.  In order to achieve such a broad goal/resolution you must be able to break down how you will achieve it.

So on this Get Motivated Monday as you consider what your New Years resolution will be lets flip it around and figure out your New Year solutions to achieve the resolution in 2013!

Remember nothing in life is just given to you, you have to go get it! ASK SEEK KNOCK you got to be a Go Getta!


ADRI.V The Go Getta