Forbes compiled a list of the cities with the best commutes. It's a popular saying in Buffalo, NY, that you can get anywhere in 15 minutes. It seems like no matter where you are going it is just a quick jump on the highway away.

So how does Buffalo, NY, measure up to the rest of the country when it comes to our average commute time? Well...WE ARE NUMBER ONE! At an average commute time of 20.3 minutes, Buffalo has a better commute time than any other city on the list.

Columbus, OH, comes in at number two with a time of 21.8 minutes.Milwaukee, WI, has a commute of 22.3 minutes as does Hartford, CT, and Memphis, TN.

The study from Forbes is based of 2014 Census' American Community Survey data and an online survey by Harris in 2015 from polling 2,000 Americans.

So what is your commute? Is it longer than the average commute?