I ran across the trailer for a new movie scheduled for release this spring based on the book by Steve Harvey entitled “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man”. The movie has a number of African American actors that are sure to get the attention of movie goers when it hits theatres in 2012 like: Regina Hall, Terrence J (106 & Park), Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, and a cameo by Keri Hilson.

Our minds today are swirling in such a pool of chaos that in my opinion it is truly hard to define what it really means to “act like a lady think like a man”. Some people have been so bombarded with misperceptions of the true definition of these terms that the reality that they live in is mere nonsense and they accepted it as real and cannot see it any other way. It is almost like our definitions of things back in the day have been redefined in such a way that we would have never imagined behaving or transmitting a particular type of behavior that we witness in our daily lives!

To think like a man is to think with the “mind” because the “mind” is man, and man must be critical in his thinking to not just accept any and everything that he perceives to be real in his environment. To think like a man is to have the faculties and abilities to reason beyond the conditioning of his society. To think like a man is to know and understand the purpose for his existence and why he is here on this planet.