This is one of those times I feel "OUT OF TOUCH"!  Not necessarily "out of touch" with the reality of what you're about to see in the videos attached... but out of touch with the fact that the experiment (which again you'll witness below) had even existed...I HAD NO CLUE!!!!

After seeing the EXPERIMENT and learning that the results are PHENOMENALLY CONSISTENT AMONG BLACK CHILDREN ACROSS THE BOARD, it saddens me to no end.

Also, beyond my being enlightened regarding the specific experiment: the results have stimulated much personal thought and confusion as to what could possibly make it so that ALMOST EVERY BLACK CHILD RESPONDS THE SAME WAY.... that within itself is AMAZING, DISTURBING, HEART-BREAKING, SADDENING, AND FRIGHTENING!!!!

Please watch the videos below of different Black Children participating in THE CLARK DOLL EXPERIMENT and answer this question:

What Do You Think Fuels The Consistent Results Regarding "THE CLARK DOLL EXPERIMENT"?

What Would Make The Results Begin To Change?