I would like to share a story with you about a 25 year-old single young lady who has two little girls by two different guys and is now pregnant with another child. Last week she was scheduled to go to the doctor where she would find out the sex of the baby and these were her exact words: “if it is a girl I am going to have to try again for a boy”.

What would make a person think so unconsciously and irresponsibly? Is this why Republicans feel the way they do about certain social programs that may be assisting this type of behavior?

Or, maybe this is Mother Nature’s way of replenishing the loss of life caused by the senseless violence in the community!

I was raised by parents that instilled in me, that you do not father a child outside of being married; and that has always been my practice to this day!

What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Black Families?

KOOL MOE DEE SAYS: “We haven’t bought into, quite frankly, the marital statues thing.”

ANDREW YOUNG SAYS: “Living with the stress of being poor and black.”

RON CHRISTIE SAYS: “The biggest challenge…is the family.”

I think an even more pressing question should be also what are the solutions?

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