New York State inspectors were out last Fall looking a many food retail stores around Western New York for deficiencies.

Nearly 60 percent of the citations occurred in the city of Buffalo, including many mini marts and small delis.

According to the Buffalo News, they were looking for things such as "unclean sinks and utensils, missing thermometers and improperly stored chemicals, among other problems", which for the most part, are not major citations.

Thirty-four of the 52 businesses with deficiencies were cited for their interior floors, walls, ceilings or fixtures not suitably built, well maintained or clean – one of the most commonly cited problems. Thirty-four businesses also were cited for not storing or displaying food in a manner that prevents contamination.

Now, for the most part businesses are inspected once a year across the state and if a major citation was recorded, the Health Department would be back to ensure that the problem was corrected within a short period of time.

You can check businesses that got citations by town below.