When I woke up at 8AM this morning (Dec. 4 2012) it was 60 degrees in Western New York!!

Meteorology News

But this unusually warm weather is really nothing compared to the crazy hurricanes, snow storms and other natural phenomena that's been happening this year. Check out November's Extreme Weather video and see what's in store for 12/21/12! 

Many think Superstorm Sandy was man-made by HAARP Technology.

Others say it's a sign of the end of days! With the Mayan Calendar coming to an end in just 17 days, could the Earth as we know it be preparing for a life altering "Shift"?

Check out these "Apocalyptic Sounds" heard around the Globe this year.

No one knows what's going on for sure, but just in case the End is Near. Let's work together to create Peace of Earth! Love thy neighbor and Know Thyself!

FYI This video was made 2/2011 but speaks of the Galactic Alignment taking place in just 17 days on 12/21/12.