Everybody wants to have "swag" now a days. Even though "swag" is another way for a man to call another man sexy. I say just go ahead and call him sexy if that is really the way you feel. Anyways a weatherman in Michigan has found a way to incorporate "swag" into his weather forecast. It seems to be the new internet sensation with a lot hits on YouTube. This is funny to me, if swag is so entertaining why don't they just find some rapper to do the forecast instead of some guy imitating what he saw on a Souljah Boy video. I'm sure this will get old after awhile and his news directors will tell him to chill out on the swaggin during the weather. Then again people say i'm a hater he reminds me of B-Rad from Malibu's Most Wanted the movie. What do you think of this corny guys swag ?