I made my way through the crowd at the 'White Lives Matter Rally', at Cazenovia Park over the weekend, and I was able to speak to a gentleman named Carl, who surprisingly seemed to be the lone 'White Lives Matter' advocate among the 300+ persons who showed up, most of whom were there to counter protest 'White Lives Matter'.

Ironically, Carl, was very peaceful compared to the number of counter protesters who delivered threats and profane demands at Carl to "Get the F*** out of here" and "Nazi scum go home".

I was the only person who approached the gentleman peacefully and asked if he would answer a few questions, which he did stop (in the middle of all the commotion mind you) and answered.

Although I do not agree with Carl's agenda, I must say that he has a right to his opinion and a right to express WHY he feels the way he does.  The profanity and insults directed at this guy were somewhat unnecessary but at the same time understandable.

Ironically and interestingly, Carl explained to me that his agenda piggy-backs the New Black Panther Party's Agenda to create "A Nation Within A Nation".


*Warning, language may be offensive to some individuals.