This weekend it’s a 93.7 WBLK ‘Black Contago’ weekend, all weekend long WBLK will continue or another way of putting it, "CONTAGO" with the glorious past of African American People during and after Black History Month.

Keep it locked for your chance to win a special WBLK “People of Color” gift pack including our special “Enlightened Pre-Ci-Pice 40 page book of knowledge with Black history Trading cards, playing cards, Black Facts and more courtesy of AZIKWE Limited Homemade Game Guru plus the DVD 500 years later!

Our WBLK air personalities will pull a Black History Trivia question from the Enlightened Pre-Ci-Pice fun book and let you give us the right answers, for knowledge IS POWER and WBLK plans to keep this CONTAGO going and going!

The Enlightened Precipice makes a GREAT GIFT for school age kids and families.  For more information on how you can purchase the set email to and visit the following website: