A pep rally skit by three white high school students who wore blackface and parodied Chris Brown's arrest for assaulting Rihanna has officials in a largely white New York district vowing to set clearer expectations for school events.

The skit was one of several pop culture parodies performed Friday at Waverly High School as part of an annual "Mr. Waverly" competition, Superintendent Joseph Yelich said. The one in question had a male student portraying Brown standing over another cowering actor playing Rihanna; a third male student played an arresting officer.

Wow.... Stupidity can be hilarious some time. I can only imagine what this looked like live and the creative process behind coming up with this skit. This skit was probably planned and practiced for weeks maybe even a month. During this planning time no one thought this was offensive and wrong ? Even during the assembly not one adult stood up and said hey guys domestic abuse isn't funny and blacks are offended by blackface.

Rose Garrity, executive director of A New Hope Center, an agency in nearby Oswego County that assists victims of domestic and sexual abuse and other crimes, also put responsibility on the adults.

"They were trying to make something funny that is far from funny, and they were being incredibly racist while they were doing it," Garrity said. "I doubt any of those children had any idea about the history of racism and minstrels or anything like that."

They are in school to learn so some one should teach them about the seriousness of domestic violence. Also they should have a class on African American studies to learn why this skit is racist and offensive. For now welcome the whole school into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.