I heard about the White Lives Matter rally at Cazenovia Park on Saturday and decided to head out. What happened was not what I expected. Check this out!

WARNING: Some language and content may be offensive.

I was talking with one of my friends on my way to the White Lives Matter rally at Caz Park in South Buffalo, and I asked her to pray for me because I had no idea what I was going to walk into.

I wanted to simply film the rally, from a news journalist perspective, but I didn't know how I would be received. When I pulled up to the park, the cops had blocked off every entrance to drive in. When I asked why, they said there were too many people and that there was no public parking in the park, which I knew to be not true. When I pointed out the public parking, the officer then told me I could park along the street and walk into the park, which I did.

Walking up, I saw quite a few white people, some with insignia, some with flags, some with patches, some with signs, but I didn't recognize any of it. As I got closer, I heard a woman from the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition speaking on a bull horn. I then began to realize that the white people I saw were not in fact White Lives Matter supporters, they were supporters of love and peace. I was truly relieved. After Ivy, the woman who was speaking stopped, I began to interview people who were there. Check out the video above to find out what they had to say!

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