The wait is over Wale's sophomore album drops on 11/1/11. This will either solidify his position as one of the new Hip Hop Heavyweights or make him another Great Young Hype. His first album was a big surprise with the hit single Pretty Girls and Nike Boots, it still wasn't eaten up by the masses. There has been a long road of hype and promotion 11-1-11 EVERYWHERE !!!! I think the album will sell pretty well but I dont think it lived up to the hype. He is somewhere lost between being a POET and BEING a member of Maybach Music Group. The two don't mesh well, on his first album Attention Deficit he was rapping about politics, education, women, himself, and various other issues. This album women, car, weed on damn near every song. Also he hits you with the Wale style punch lines N*ggas is Kemba Walker tryna see me PITT-fall”, “Flat drinks we call “A” cups” and “LeBron sh*t I was in the 6 after 23″ Huh ?

The album starts out with "Don't Hold Your Applause" Go Go style DC track which Wale does well on.

After he follows up with Double M Genius. Lyrically Wale is the strong point of this song. It has a hot wordplay on Maybach Music Group the track was kind of wack. Wale has a more aggressive flow on this track kind of reminds me of his label mate Meek Mill. Miami Nights sounds like this track was meant for Rick Ross Wale just happened to be the one who received it first. The spirit of "Nike Boots" lives on in the form of "Chain Music" which is a club banger that you have probably heard by now. My favorite song on the album is Lotus Flower Bomb, which features Miguel.

Focused ft Kid Cudi is another high point of the album which has a problem of being consistent. There are certain things we expect from Wale he delivers on some songs and just totally misses on others, also you may want to check on the album is DC or Nothing.

Tone P produced another great beat for Wale. The people of DC will be proud of listening to this track. Lows of this album are the track with Big Sean..... It seems as if Big Sean is getting worst as his career progresses. Wale's ambition isnt a bad album it just isn't consistent enough to listen to into a couple of months I give it a 3/5. Still worth a listen now go buy the album HERE