Sparks grew between the two rappers back in September 2010 after Cudi made a comment during an interview with Complex Magazine, critizing a line from Wale's freestyle titled 'Thank You.'

In the song, Wale speaking metephorically, mentions an incident involving Cudi in which he allegedley hit a fan with a vehicle.

Public fighting on twitter,diss records and nasty comments was exchanged between them for months to follow.

Previous to their brawl, the rappers collaborated on a fews songs including Kid Cudi's 'Looking Up In The Stars' and 'Is There Any Love.'

Earlier this year they settled their differences quietly. Fans soon figured it out after the rappers began tweeting each other via Twitter.

Wale and Cudi recently collaborated on a track called 'Focused' which they consider a reconcilliation of a friendship they onced had. The track will be featured on Wale's sophomore album 'Ambition' dropping November 1 2011.