Back in January, Waka Flocka released a single called "One Eyed Shooters" with Young Sizzle. Sizzle just happens to be the rap moniker of Southside, the acclaimed producer and member of 808 Mafia. Since these two go way back, Waka's been giving Sizzle some opportunities to shine on recent tracks and continues to do so with a video for "One Eyed Shooters."

The video is pretty simple as the star of the show is the raps. Waka Flocka and Young Sizzle trade turns as they unleash some vociferous bars.

"I'ma pull up on you n---as I'mma flex up on these hoes/If a n---a disrespect me I'ma wipe that bambino/If it's really like that, pussy meet me at my show/I'ma shoot out all on n---as life's about pour a four/Chad got at my little bro/I'ma ball on Hugo/You tuck your chain where you go/Whatchu bang the hood fo'/This is bossman Flocka used to rob em for they dough/Hunnid round clip, I don't need no fucking scope," Waka Flocka raps.

While Waka Flocka's album remains in limbo, the "No Hands" rapper is expanding his horizons. Waka recently appeared on an episode of VICE's Munchies to show off his cooking skills. He also explained how he became a vegan.

"How the fuck did your ghetto ass turn vegan?” Waka Flocka says. “That’s exactly like the first word… They’re like yo, do you know you’re going down in history as the first vegan rapper, first hood vegan rapper? Somebody thought I was fighting cancer or something. Nah, I just didn’t wanna be fat. I got tired of breathing hard. I got tired of my joints hurting. I just got tired of being lied to.”

If the album issues continue, perhaps Waka Flocka has a second career as a host of a cooking show. Stranger things have happened.

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