After a horrible pre-season game this weekend, the Buffalo Bills make a drastic change in the quarterback position today. Details on who goes, who stays and why inside.

According to 2-time Pro-bowler Vince Young is not good enough to be their second-string quarterback this year. Instead, the Bills will employ the former Seattle Seahawk Tarvaris Jackson to make the plays when the Star QB is out.

It looked like Young had more or less secured the job until the 38-7 preseason loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. Young's first pass was picked, one of two interceptions he'd throw in the game. Over the course of the second half, he'd go 12-for-26 for 103 yards. That was apparently enough to raise a red flag for the Bills.

As one of our BLK interns put it "That's what Pre-season is for. It's not like they were going for the championship."

Apparently the Bills motto is "Go hard or go hard"

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